Thank you!

Another day, another Hackathon!

That’s all for now folks – our 2016 Fun & Games Hackathon is over.

We’ll be posting profiles of the teams (and some links to their projects where available) very soon, but in the meantime all that remains is for us to thank everyone involved – all those who have helped out, participated and sponsored us this time around as well as in the past – without you, there would be no HackJsy.

Thank you very much, and we’ll be back soon!

Travel Subsidies sponsored by Tickets 365

Thinking of coming to HackJsy from abroad, but worried about the cost? We’ve managed to find a fantastic sponsor who is willing to help with just that problem. 365Tickets have stepped up to be our Travel Sponsor for this event. If you are planning on attending and would like more information about travel subsidies, please get in touch with us as they are provided on a case-by-case basis.

About 365Tickets

tickets365_logo365Tickets is delighted to be the Travel Sponsor for the 2016 Jersey Hackathon – It’s all Hack & Games.

From starting out in a small back office on New Street to developing a unique partnerships network that will give us localised websites in 20 countries by the end of 2016, 365Tickets has always prided itself on innovation and finding new solution to old problems.

365Tickets can’t wait to see what come out of the 2016 Hackathon and would love to help overseas Hackers join in the fun.

3rd Prize – HTC Vive – Sponsored by Vizuality Studios

Not so long ago, we got very excited and announced that we’d definitely have an Occulus Rift Development Kit as our third prize. Unfortunately, the best laid plans don’t always turn out exactly how you’d like and unfortunately that’s what happened here.

However, we are delighted to announce that Vizuality Studios have come forward to offer a third prize which is at least (if not more) exciting: An HTC Vive VR Headset, complete with Lighthouse tracking system and two controllers!

vizualityShaping the Future of Visualisation
Vizuality Studios harnesses the power of virtual reality with the natural freedom of movement which, when combined,transports you to a different level of immersion.

State of the art technology and platforms change the way we experience motion to make the virtual a reality.

The only Limit is your Imagination
Our applications can be adapted to a broad spectrum of VR environments including training and simulation, gaming, architecture and design, virtual tourism and events.

Discover how Vizuality Studios can give your experiences a whole new dimension with bespoke six-degrees-of-freedom customised content delivery platforms, which are all available in our network of studios.

Visit Vizuality Studios

Giancarlo Achler – Judge

Carlo is one of the Directors of Jersey-based game development company SidePlay Entertainment (

He has been involved in Internet Development since 1996 and worked for various local agencies.

Since 2002 Carlo has specialised in creating Instant Win Game content for various clients within the Lottery sector, most notable of which are Camelot and The National Lottery.

Carlo now leads the development teams at SidePlay, helping them continue to push the boundaries of what is considered possible within Instant Win Gaming.

Genevieve Leveille – Judge

Genevieve Leveille is the CEO of KrypC, a new venture fostering digital currency by assisting the regulators across the globe in deploying a highly secure digital currency architecture that can be offered parallel to fiat currencies. KrypC also focuses on distributed ledger technology (blockchain-based) toolkits for various industry verticals allowing them to simplify their technology stack. KrypC is setting up a Global Distributed Ledger Competency Center out of India that shall focus on offering offshore consulting and service delivery for these emerging technologies.

FinTech is about problem solving, rethinking old problems and building the technology to make things easier, faster and less costly. Genevieve’s attitude towards change and new technologies are reflected in her successful journey and her recent selection as a finalist in the Women in IT Awards 2016 in the category ‘Security Champion’.

Previous to joining KrypC, Genevieve was the Managing Director of IdenTrust, Inc. where she was responsible for the International Market, advocating the use of the existing trust and security building blocks to tackle challenges in commerce at the individual and corporate level. Examples are the simplification of bank account opening and management processes, but also initiatives for digital identity akin to e-citizenship championed in Estonia and common industry standards for the use of digital identities in e-commerce.

At the Royal Bank of Scotland, Genevieve lead numerous projects for the corporate bank requirements. These included the coordination of end-to-end solutions from billing to rate changes and risk reviews, while also orchestrating the win of multi-million deals in the private and public sectors. Genevieve drove the implementation of the first SAP core banking release for deposit products, bringing strategic platform capability to the bank that will be extended across further products and segments.

During her time in the United States, Genevieve oversaw Operations Services in Corporate Treasury at General Electric. She also consulted extensively on business processes of global tier 1 corporates while at Hewlett Packard and Chase Manhattan Bank.

Having deep understanding of the moving parts and pain points in the financial sector, Genevieve’s ambition is to collaborate on and build innovative solutions to address inefficiencies and obstacles towards the simplification of the customer journeys.

Ian Hughes – Judge

Ian Hughes (aka Epredator) is a metaverse evangelist.

He has worked in unusual and emerging technologies in both a corporate setting (IBM for 20 years) and out in startup land. He specialises in using game technology, such as virtual worlds to help people communicate and understand concepts, with his company Feeding Edge Ltd.

Being a techie, and working across many mediums he has used social media since before it was as social as it is now. Blogging and sharing ideas is a core part of who he is.

Science Fiction is a natural genre and his first book, titled Reconfigure, was spawned from using and developing software for virtual environments, closely followed by the follow up Cont3xt. which features some enhancements to the concept of Blended or Augmented reality when Roisin, the lead character, is introduced to the EyeBlend headset.

He was resident super geek on a UK TV show called The Cool Stuff Collective for 39 episodes from 2010-2011. He was able to share his enthusiasm for new technology with the next generation, as well as working alongside a monkey, a cave girl and a host of other characters. In the third series he got to relive his own saturday morning childhood TV memories by flinging custard pies at people too.

He is chairman of the BCS Animation and Games Specialist group. He is a qualified head instructor and holds a 1st Dan blackbelt in the self defence martial art Choi Kwang Do. He can easily be found on twitter as @epredator.